Site Meter The Garbage Man: June 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I have recently started a job as a garbage man, or sanitational engineer. It is one of the harder labour jobs i've committed myself to. Sure it looked easy enough, ride on the back of a garbage truck all day, but I found out the hard way that there is a lot more to it then that. My figers are cramped up right now as I type this post. The garbage man is a very dirty job, but someone has to do it or we would be plagued with mess and disease would spread. This job is not all bad though, get to see lots, and surprisingly enough, the girls seem to love the garbage man. From my experience so far, people in the most part are friendly, and often give us things like drinks, snacks, and ocassionally money. Its incredible the things people throw away, including money. Just the other day i was loading a bag of garbage on the truck when it broke open from the weight of two grocery bags full of change, mostly pennies but not only. There was atleast $20 to $30 just thrown away because someone did not want to take the time to roll it. Where I work we have compost bins and regular garbage collection. Today was my first day emptying the compost bins, It was much easier then garbage, but im told it can become very boring. It was a relativly basic day today, nothing to exciting, but one thing to keep in mind next time your going to throw away your barbecue, take the top off and recycle it, around here they pay $15.00 each for them at the metal recycle plants. And if you are ever in need of spare computer parts, take a drive around, there are lots of computers and monitors being thrown away every day!