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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Wet Day On The Job

Friday was a wet day at work, it was pooring from the time I left the house until about an hour before it was time to go home, makes for a long day but I made it. One house I stopped at I was throwing bags of garbage in the truck, and next thing i hear a loud bang, as a bottle wizzed past my head, and garbage went flying. It was like someone had made a mini bomb and put it in the garbage bag. I was not injured but it definatly shocked me, as I looked at the pop bottle smoking in the bushes. I also found out today that a guy I was working with the other day was telling people I was "too slow" and I went and sat in the truck so he could finish the job alone. I laughed as I informed the guy I was working with today that infact i went to sit in the truck and told him in not so polite words that he could finish himself because he was hitting me with every second item he threw in the truck, trying to show off for another garbage truck in the area. I guesse every work place has its drama. On top of all of this, I was stuck in a truck that I could not smoke in. Anyway we'll see how tomorrow goes, and what exciting things will happen. Theres a chance of rain in the morning, but hopefully it will hold off. See everyone tomorrow!


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