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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today I set out on a truck with just me and the driver, normally I have an extra person with me. Of course we had the biggest route of all today, and once again I was on the crappy garbage truck. The heat was exhausting today, and my water was all warm. But I made it through the day. This was the first day I received a tip, a lady who was moving had about 3 times her limit in garbage out, but we took it anyway. She tipped me $20 which I split with the driver. I got caught today wearing no safety glasses by our safety jerk, who was driving around stalking me for about 20 minutes. Another bad thing about this job is the fact that I have to wear gloves all day, so im left with a farmers tan, and white hands (very sexy). I might have to take up going to the tanning beds to try and even it out a bit. I had a differnt driver today who I thought was going to quit (thats how bad this truck is). He was unloading the truck at the dump and there were some technical difficulties and I thought for sure he was going to beat the mirrors off the truck as he was running around the truck cursing in frustration, I had a good little laugh while this was going on. Schools out and all the kids are running around, they either hate the garbage truck or love it, one little guy about 8 or 9 followed me around for a good hour today, taking the lids off the garbage cans for me, and moving the green compost bins out of the way before I got to each stop. Most kids just get in the way but this actually cut a bit of time off my day. Thanks for the help Donald! My pet peeve for today drives me crazy, I swear some people take there garbage cans, fill them up with kitty litter, then place them under there rainspot for 2 weeks, somehow manage to drag it to there curb, then expect us to lift this 400 pound bucket about 4 feet and dump it in the back of the truck. Please if you are one of these people, put your kitty litter in grocery bags, get a lid for your garbage can, or drill a hole in the bottom of your can so the water can drain, and keep them away from your downspouts! Talk at yall tomorrow.


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