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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Go Fast or Get Fired

Today I was brought into the office where I was informed that two of the guys hired around the same time I was were let go for beeing to slow on the job. I helped ensure my job security today by going about as fast as I could, putting the other guy who was hired the same time I was to shame by doing almost double the amount he did in the same amount of time. Heat exhaustion allmost got the best of me today, it was so muggy. I drank 6 liters of water and never had to go to the bathroom once, thats how bad you sweat on this job. We were nearly in an accident today as my truck was backing up at the end of a road to turn around and go back up the other side, when a car decided to turn behind the backing truck (smart guy). A newfoundlander pulled up beside us afterwards who seemed to be more agitated by this then my driver, saying how we should chase after him and give him a couple good plows to his mouth followed by some newfineese I couldn't make out. This morning I was doing compost bins, and it was my first time to the compost recycling plant. They keep the doors shut at this plant, im not sure why. As soon as the doors open, the most rancid smell hits you, it's so hot inside that it instantly fogged up all the mirrors and windows on the truck. This building is full of methane gas im told, and not to light any cigarettes. You could actually see the steam and gases coming off the pile of composting material, it looked as though it was already burning and the smoke was rolling off of it. It was a long hot day today so im gonna cut it short. My pet peeve for the day is people who decide to strike up a conversation with the garbage man, its not that I don't want to talk to you, or hear your summerised version of your life events, but I do wanna get my job done as fast as possible and go home. I get paid by the day, not by the hour.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger JerseyTjej said...

Funny you should say that...In the summers (when I lived in NJ. I would ALWAYS offer my sanitation guys tea or chocolate in the winter or leave the styrofoam cooler on the curb with water and Snapple in it. At Christmas I hooked them up with a little gift...I think is is sad that people don't take better care of you.

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